Dorian Cohen's Cannery Row Page

A Work In Progress
Updated 12/19/12

Text and photos ©2014 Dorian Cohen

Reading John Steinbeck's Cannery Row and its sequel Sweet Thursday obviously sparked my interest in Cannery Row. However, its strong visceral appeal  (in pre-renovation days) was sufficient to inspire these photographs.

Cannery Row, Monterey California

I have quite a few more photos from this series. They await digitization.

If memory serves, I shot these with a Canon FTB SLR, using a Vivitar 200mm zoom

I managed these "off shore" photos from a boat taking my family and I out to watch pelagic birds.
A storm the night before left large swells and alas, few birds.

My favored film throughout the 1970's was now-defunct Agfa- Chrome.
Its color dyes have proven unstable, rendering that foggy day in 1974  even grayer with time .


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