Monday, April 25, 2011

Pryne Blo Fan

A kitchenette with aqua counter. The Pryne Blo Fan mounted vertically in the wall and the Thermador two burner electric range. 
The Pryne Blo Fan is stylishly offset by the  lopsided
twin gyres on the Thermador mini-range.

To the poet the name Blo Fan suggests the word "Blow Fly"; but the real treat is the catchphrase, "rhymes with FINE" embossed on the front, like a vintage locomotive boiler plate.   

Pryne (rhymes with FINE)

The attentive blogger spotted this classic kitchenette in the staff room of a public facility and documented it before it was consigned to oblivion.

Thermedor (rhymes with....)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Re: Prosperity

As you repose in the vanishing commons,
take comfort in the fact
that you are bereft of nearly everything
 that anyone would wish to take from you.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Woman #5 (Urban Public Park)

In the park, a young woman comes up to me and asks to use my cell phone "to call a friend to pick her up." She doesn't have money for the pay phone. A person without a cell phone is almost as rare as a public phone these days. Addicts, dealers, prostitutes or homeless people are the likely users of old- fashioned pay phones. This is my reflexive judgment. I tell her she can't use my cell, but I have some change.

She thanks me as I dump coins into her cupped palm. Then she walks to the phone mounted next to the door of the public facility.  Amazingly, it's actually functioning.  Just before I enter the library, I notice the big black purse slung over her shoulder has abrasions like animal claw marks all down its side.

When I emerge from the building, the woman is standing in the parking lot. She thanks me again. I pass near her, just as she's yanking her sweatshirt off. It's getting hot. Her T-shirt  rides up a bit as well,  revealing a brief flash of belly and hip curve.

Driving away I think about karma; specifically how each thought and action spawns a corresponding effect. I absurdly try to imagine what specific consequences the handout I gave her -- at that particular moment will have on her fate -- or mine for that matter.

Impossible to know. A young woman carrying a shabby purse. Then I think of  the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara,  gazing with compassion on the suffering of the world; as I resume the ordinary tasks of my day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Red Drapery

That which is reflected in front of the curtain.
What is concealed behind it?