The Nels Cline Singers

Getty Center, Twilight 2/5/11

Not his fretboard dexterity,
though we're entranced by his guitar.

Not all those FX crazy cubes,
though we dig the technology.

Nels plays beyond chops, 
beyond effects...

Nimble stumble - step, crouch - down 
 finger stabs floor level button,
careens ... not out of
control - but possessed.

Sudden shift, we hear Jim Hall, 
no imitation, it's Nels
all those lessons from the masters...

Kinetic Scott,
arm and elbow angle drumstick blur,
subtle Scott, playing
the sandwich air space between 
his high hat.

Trevor, cheek and body
up against curvy
contrabass, slap and tickle,
buzzing thrums 
and aged wood sonorities

Yuka's fingers connect with keys,
 dreamscapes -- spice and temper 
heavy male metal.

Sample Queen and Improv King,
 in digital, organic, human dance.

The Singers enter the psychic zone,
 drop into a glittering looped groove...

Ah - snared in an infinite sonic thrall 
like shimmering night traffic pulsing through 
 Sepulveda pass.

The poet's response to a performance by
The Nels Cline Singers at the Getty Center,
 Los Angeles 2/5/2011
 © Dorian Cohen.


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