Norwegian Folk Music

A leaf on the rain-soaked sidewalk caught my eye.

 Today I listened to Norwegian Folk Music as I navigated the rainy streets. It was "appropriate"  for the weather and mood. Of course we degrade the spirit of any genuine music when we use it as a "soundtrack" for daily activities. Nonetheless, this music remained beautiful, moving and appropriate.

Though created for social various social functions, this music is neither frivolous nor indulgent.  However neither is it austere - the word appropriate comes to mind again.

It's expressed completely - especially by the Hardanger Fiddle, the traditional Norwegian violin, with its sympathetic strings. Those drones seem to access something subconscious and universal.

Though I'm listening out of context; this music has the quality of the best blues music. It is a specific yet elusive craft.  Deep astringent melodies flowing with and against strong rhythms. Bold, yet understated.

 A shot of wind, ice and snow.


  1. great stuff.

    was it this album? NORDISK SANG on Amazon:
    i recommend it for your next shot of ice & snow.

    & .. Beatles - pa norsk!


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