And The Rest Is History!

The rest of what? My tuna sandwich?

When people use that lazy phrase they are inflating themselves, trying to hide something - or suffer poor recall.

It's all about being specific. Describe exactly what happened or offer a cogent image.

Never surrender to vague cliche.

Trust the image.  I mean image as embodiment of essence, event or truth; not the degraded Internet/ entertainment version, as a cheap or fraudulent representation. Nor the cult of  manipulation "Just Photoshop it." dictum.

Trust the image,  as James Hillman might say, to show us what IT wishes to reveal.

I'm fond of appending captions of course, but I endeavor to choose my images with care.

These are some thoughts I have as I add new posts to Piedmont Ave.

OK, one more thing.

"Blog" and "Blogger" stick in my craw. They sound so adolescent, like a failed pun on bog or clog.

As far as I'm concerned I write (not blog) a journal, (not blog) though I'm  resigned to the fact that these neologisms will outlive me.


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