Monday, December 20, 2010

Sierra Madre Blvd, Christmastime

Driving Eastbound on S.M. Blvd. with Keith.

December in Sierra Madre at the corner of Sierra Madre Blvd. and Lima. They certainly are in the holiday spirit at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Back before it morphed into KFC ; look at all those syllables!

It always seemed out of a place in Sierra Madre. But it was there for a long time - but is now, to use a  Kurt Vonnegut phrase; Defunct.

 This was my first winter in the Hotel Shirley so my guess is K and I were returning from Pasadena after dining some place a little bit tastier. There were few eateries in S.M. back then.

 As the rain falls, I  prepare my dedicated Sierra Madre Pages. History half-remembered, wholeheartedly idiosyncratic - with no skimping on the syllables as prescribed by the Piedmont School of Thought.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hotel Shirley - Pinney House- Sierra Madre

Weird confluence of two former residences. Drab pre-rehab Hotel Shirley, and flowery facsimile of  post- Rose Parade Pinney House parked on Kersting Court, early 1980's.

Hotel Shirley a few weeks ago.

A recent evening in Sierra Madre, California impelled the author to riffle through his archives. A page dedicated to my time in this small L.A. suburb shall be forthcoming.