Family Home

"Years pass in the blink of an eye on the pink and grey linoleum floor."
The blogger reflects on the sale of his family home.

What inspired this  floor covering  choice? Makes me think chipped beef.
 My parents'  home for more than 50 years. Sold this summer.
Who will remember all the life lived here?


  1. Who is in the framed photo atop the speaker?

  2. An anonymous couple (probably high school circa 1960s) from an old library file. My friend Keith gave me a bunch of those old photos . My wall was plastered with others, (maybe I still have some to post). Your comment sparked the following realizations: That sort of room adornment largely ended when I moved from my parents' (as a teen I taped newspaper headlines such as "Another Flying Wallinda Killed" on my walls. Those sort of kitcshy americana photos fit the the ironic/mocking mode in favor with punk/new wave culture. I now understand the primacy of the image as a form of expression within my group of friends. Those sorts of photos sparked laughs and shared sensiblity. And look! Leaning against the wall the first Blondie album; musically and visually very retro-1960s.

  3. Love it. Thanks for the explanation. Kinda reminds me of an old Monty Python animated sketch where a company is selling pictures of family members to those who haven't any. Make the walls look good and the home owner feel loved. Problem is, the faux family members in the photos then start showing up with the expectation that they'll stay a while. Love the ironic rebelliousness of youth. On an unrelated topic: are you the one who is manning the book donation station at the main library next week? I have a couple boxes o books to bring by and want to do it when you're there. Let me know when's a good time.


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