Random Woman #4 (Chinatown)

I almost deleted this test shot taken from the train.

I ride the Gold Line light rail from the suburbs into downtown Los Angeles. A young couple are seated in front of me. I instantly like them. They both have "old" film SLR cameras. Both have a sense of personal style, but not overdone. I'm struck by the calm and lack of nervous distraction they seem to possess. For the entire ride neither takes  digital device to hand. Not even a cellphone! Instead, they talk quietly to each other or silently look out the window. Neither use their cameras, but look intently, like artists. They both point, as the train crosses the concrete constrained Los Angeles River. That's when I take a shot with my little digital camera, and another of a large building very close to the tracks as we approach Chinatown.

We all disembark at Union Station. I head for the connecting Red Line subway to Hollywood and Vine, they move in the opposing direction towards the entrance. I almost turn to catch them, to complement them on their cameras.  I hesitate, sparing us my awkward, gratuitous comment. I hope they have creative fulfilling lives.

The subject found her way into the photo of an inattentive photographer

Tonight editing my photo of that Chinatown building I discover the woman's face, which I inadvertently caught as a reflection in the train window, but she appears instead  as a spectral face gazing out of the window of the building. My test shot is chaotic and uninteresting and she was only revealed during editing, when I started paying attention.


  1. Love the detailed portion of the photo. Art finds us sometimes.


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