The Saga Continues

Some years ago there was a clerk at the local Trader Joe's who always greeted me with the phrase;
 "The Saga Continues."
 This was the first sentence that she ever spoke to me --  and the only words from her mouth I remember; as she no longer works at this market.
 She was a truly charming young woman and
I always looked forward to her routine salutation  -- which never seemed forced or sarcastic.

I hope she's doing well, wherever she is.

This photo has no direct relation to my recollection. However, words and images act as mnemonic triggers for one another -- and also create their own pleasing synergy -- or at least they often have that effect on me.


  1. When I was a child- 5 years old or so- my father had copies of a men's magazine called "Saga"...


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