Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, California.

"Evening fog moves up Piedmont Avenue, a gray scarf pulled over the roof tops, toward Mountain View Cemetery..."

Portrait of the Blogger as a young poet, Piedmont Avenue, Oakland California.


  1. Most excellent. If a picture's worth a thousand words, then this is certainly worth a thousand words (give or take), and several of those thousand are words like "awesome" and "sweet". Tell me, what's your best guess/recollection of what would have been spinning on the turntable when this image was shot. Give me your best guess.

  2. Talking Heads 2'd, produced by Eno, just out and hip, ditto Elvis Costello's "This Year's Model", The Stone's "Some Girls" (I had guests, after all), Zappa "Live In New York", or even Blodwyn Pig's "Getting to This" or the double surf anthology, "Golden Summer." (w/ poster of sunbathing babe). are likely. The East Bay was rife with fabled record stores in them days; Leopold, Tower, Rather Ripped and Rasputins -- real vinyl heaven. Though I purchased a couple of the above at "Cheap Thrills" in S.L.O. which was fabulous as well.

  3. You failed to mention, in your list of objects contained in the photo, the bottle(s) of Olympia. That helps set the mood, too. Thanks for the suggestions on what music would have been playing. Imagining "More Songs About Buildings and Food" bounding out from the speakers rounds out the scene quite nicely. Love this photo, for sure.

  4. Yes the beer! A post or two re: alcohol would be appropriate considering its influence back then. Music "bounding out from the speakers." verily it did from the BEEFY 3 WAY JBL SPEAKERS that provided years of pleasure, survived a burglary, until time and bad L.A. air quality finally did them in.

    An alternate photo caption could be "Owned little, analog did sound better, I had no plan."


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