Angel's Flight Tickets

Tickets from Angels Flight. My father took me to ride the incline railroad on what was probably the last day operation. I remember the TV news was there. Until then it had run almost continuously since 1901.

Weird trip to the top of the decimated hill; weeds, shrubs and a few scruffy trees along the right of way - the only vegetation left. Most of the old buildings were gone, but construction of the Music Center was well underway.

Final rides were free . They must have handed out the tickets as souvenirs. Don't know why 1967 was printed on them. It was May 1969 when it was shut down, with the promise it would return.

Happily, these two tickets have survived all these years in a scrap book.

Angles Flight recently reopened, after many delays and a tragic accident .

Here's a link updating the Angels Flight Saga.


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