John Fahey/Blind Joe Death

John Fahey's Days Have Gone By, on his own Takoma label, is the album I most strongly associate with my time in Oakland, and remains my favorite.

Drinking wine from my Totemic Oakland Mug, gazing out my  window on to rainy Piedmont Ave.

However, I discovered this perplexing reference to Piedmont on this second edition of his legendary first album, which I acquired a few years ago.

There's quite a Fahey cult, and while his Takoma albums continue to occupy a numinous niche in my L.P. collection; a few face to face encounters with the legendary guitarist, freed me from the thrall of his myth.

He's a favorite with the collectors as well; and though I am cursed with that same sort of pathology, I resist identifying myself as such. 

I also discovered this fine blog devoted to Mr. Fahey.

Updated 8/17/11


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