John Fahey Stomping Tonight On The Piedmont/Berkeley Border

This is the second edition of Fahey's coveted John Fahey/Blind Joe Death album. I believe he was living in Berkeley at this time and though the first edition of this album was recorded in Maryland; Takoma Records as an actual entity began in Berkeley with ED Denson.

Does anyone know what the "Piedmont" in "Piedmont/Takoma" label refers to?
 I am aware of the "Piedmont" blues style, but is it possible that this is a reference to the city of Piedmont next to Oakland or Piedmont Ave. in Oakland? Or is it Piedmont Ave. in Berkeley, also known as "Fraternity Row"?
 Or something entirely more obscure?

 It was removed from subsequent editions.

A currently available pressing of the legendary first addition
that apparently is a bootleg.

Updated 12/23/14

Are there any Fahey scholars out there who know the answer?


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