Angels Flight, Bunker Hill Los Angeles

A blurry dreamlike snapshot from car window on Hill Ave. Waning days of the 1960's; not much left. I got hooked on Bunker Hill after reading an article in the L.A. Times titled "Mansions Doomed To Demolition" about the two remaining historic houses, "The Salt Box" and "The Castle", both on Bunker Hill Ave.

Bunker Hill history, lore and images proved irresistible for an odd, depressive kid, out- of -sync with my own time. Plus that quirky funicular, Angels Flight. I poured over the magical Bunker Hill Los Angeles by Leo Politi.

Later, I learned of the hill's connection to writers including Raymond Chandler and John Fante. It was also used as a location for many movies. Criss Cross, Kiss Me Deadly and The Exiles were all filmed there.

I rode Angels Flight on it's last day. I also visited the two "Doomed Mansions" which were saved at the eleventh hour. They were moved with great fanfare to Highland Park; charter members of Heritage Square.

Vandals promptly burned them to the ground.

Bunker Hill itself was eradicated; many of the streets were obliterated , along with literally every structure. The topography was shaved, so not even the original contours remain.

I stumbled upon this terrific Bunker Hill blog.


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