Kate and Anna Mc Garrigle Interview

I discovered Kate and Anna Mc Garrigle years ago. These Canadian sisters dignified the dread "Singer/Songwriter" idiom. They wrote terrific songs and sang wonderfully together. Kate and Anna delighted with wit, pathos and a genuine feminine sensibility. And sometimes they sang in french.

Years ago, fan that I am, I attempted to interview them. A grumpy Mc Garrigle sister (not sure which one) answered the Los Angeles hotel phone.

"We're trying to learn the National Anthem to sing at a hockey game tonight and we're having a hell of a time."


They should have performed one of their own songs.

"I could say baby, baby, baby, till my tongue spirals out of my head
when there's no one lookin' over my shoulder
I like to write rock and roll,
but it doesn't always hang together,
so what do I know
or anyone know about love.

"Love Over and Over"
Words and Music by Kate and Anna McGarrigle

Kate McGarrigle 1946 - 2010


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