Mars Hotel #3

Photo © 2013 Dorian Cohen

I stuck my camera out the window of my parents' Plymouth Satellite during a vacation in Summer 1974 or 75. I was unaware at that time of the numinous connections Hotel Mars had with both Jack Kerouac and Grateful Dead.

cf. "Big Sur", 1962 : Kerouac's novel detailing descent into terminal alcoholism.

cf. Grateful Dead from the Mars Hotel , 1974 L.P. Contains "Unbroken Chain" a song about the linking together of things...

The Mars was razed not long after I shot these.


  1. Is this your only photo of the Mars Hotel?

  2. Thanks for visiting. I have another original shot of the Mars -a side view - featured on my 3/28/10 post. I discovered another original photo I'd forgotten about, but haven't posted yet. My Mars posts are among my most visited, but I hope you'll check out some of my other photos as well!

  3. Hi Dorian! I'd very much like to use this image in a map I'm making. It's an extension of the Bikes to Books map we had printed in the SF Bay Guardian last week. Please let me know!


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