Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Allen Ginsberg Has His Cake, Eats It Too and Screws Up His Inscription In My Copy Of "Howl"

Long signing line after the reading. Allen Ginsberg is eating cake with a plastic fork, when I present my copy of Howl. He is distracted: he starts to write the date - where he should place the letters A and H that straddle the City Lights logo. This is the particular way he signs the books.

 "I did it wrong." he corrects his mistake as best he can. I think the A and H refer to a vision young Allen had of William Blake chanting "Ah! Sunflower." after which he vowed to dedicate his life to poetry.

I Spot two celebrities in the lobby: Leonard Cohen and an actor from "Thirty Something" -- a TV show that was popular a while back.

Addendum: Don Was backed him with electric bass.

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