Allen Ginsberg Has His Cake, Eats It Too and Screws Up His Inscription In My Copy Of "Howl"

Long signing line after the reading. Allen Ginsberg is eating cake with a plastic fork, when I present my copy of Howl. He is distracted: he starts to write the date - where he should place the letters A and H that straddle the City Lights logo. This is the particular way he signs the books.

 "I did it wrong." he corrects his mistake as best he can. I think the A and H refer to a vision young Allen had of William Blake chanting "Ah! Sunflower." after which he vowed to dedicate his life to poetry.

I Spot two celebrities in the lobby: Leonard Cohen and an actor from "Thirty Something" -- a TV show that was popular a while back.

Addendum: Don Was backed him with electric bass.


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