Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sunday Barbeque Podcast #5

Sunday Barbeque is uploaded and uplifting!

This is the fifth excursion for the Barbeque Boys.

Mostly songs, a poem or two, plus our usual unpolished commentary and spontaneous sonic overlays.

More songs about love, attraction, Eros and of course their inevitable corollaries. 

Hosted by Dorian Cohen & Steve Escandon.

Featuring Rick Potts: Foley artist and sonic improviser.

Produced by Ron Stivers @ Poo-bah Records.

Yes, that's barbeque with a "Q" -- give us a listen, don't forget to love us, or at least "like" us on Facebook.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sunday Barbeque Holiday Podcast

Our peerless selection of songs, instrumentals and poetry will refresh spirits and cleanse from souls the toxic effects of industrial holiday music encountered in shopping malls, government offices and medical buildings.
Sunday Barbeque Holiday Show

Produced by the cool folks at Poo-bah Records.

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 It's not a typo -- it's barbeque with a "Q"!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sunday Barbeque Podcast on Facebook

Sunday BBQ Session, Poo-Bah Records. L to R: Rick Potts, Ron Stivers, Steve Escandon

We are pleased to announce a dedicated Facebook page for our Sunday Barbeque music podcast. 

Three episodes are currently available. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday BBQ Podcast

Art © 2014 Steve Escandon

Our new podcast Sunday BBQ; what's it all about?

Describing music in terms of style and genre seems so stale; yet we appreciate the utility of such terms.

We're all overwhelmed by the metastatic flash and rumble of the cyber-realm so we'll plead our case.

Sunday Barbeque is our very appealing blend that includes, but isn't limited to the following:

Rock, folk, blues, jazz, world and oddball sonic permutations of traditional forms snaking into psychedelic, experimental and twisted attempts at mainstream. Punky, spunky and kitschy. Soundtracks perhaps; poetry for sure. Classical -- but not of the snoring variety, African, Latin and Asian selections, but not boring becomes eclectic. Intelligent; yeah verily. 

We'll mix it up without losing a defining center, a larger context: we're life long Los Angeles natives --  Angelenos living a stones throw from Hollywood and a stoners throw from San Francisco, both important points of reference. 

We'll spin from our personal crates brimming with decades of accumulated vinyl. 

No corporate formatting or algorithms faking human selection.

Authentic, intuitive, spontaneous sets. Mix and match, bait and switch, complement and juxtapose, lively flow spiced -- we hope -- with informed, entertaining gab. We'll leave didactic drones and evangelical rants to the specialists, fanatics and taste makers.

Click here to listen

Then tell us what you think.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sunday BBQ Podcast

Yma Sumac & Moises Vivanco: Inca Taqui 
Capitol L423 ten inch disc

I was riding to the Poobah Entertainment Complex on my adult tricycle, the saddle baskets loaded with rare vinyl -- Moby Grape, Korla Pandit, Yma Sumac and Ornette Coleman. I stopped at Walgreens to get some aspirin and a bottle of vitamin water. I was only going to be a minute. I forgot my lock. A big mistake. When I came out of the store, my trike and all its precious cargo had been pushed in front of a bus. I suspect it was the three boys sitting on skateboards in the handicapped zone.

The bus driver and Metro cop were trying to untangle the mangled carcass from underneath the bus. They looked pissed. I tried to intervene and at least salvage Grape Jam (Columbia MGS 1) and Skies of America (Columbia KC 31562) -- the officer put his hand on his side arm, barking "Back away from the crime scene." I pleaded my case, explaining how I had a show to do. He got on his chest mounted radio and called for back-up. I moved away.

Fuming, I walked home. Once in the kitchen, I gulped down vitamin water and ate a handful of granola. I boxed up the random LPs scattered across the living room floor, called dial-a-ride and arrived at the studio to find my co-host Dorian almost ready for the first cue.

Steve Escandon